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We believe:

  • All children are created equal, each with great value and unique potential to fulfill Greater Purpose.
  • An important catalyst for full potential is a full and lasting education.
  • A strong foundation for a nation of free people is a full and lasting education, accessible and affordable for all.

We envision:

  • A world with unlimited opportunity and freedom for all children to pursue their full potential.
  • A world where all children have access to a full and lasting education - one that meets the unique potential of each child.
  • A world where education prepares all children to live flourishing lives and serve Greater Purpose.  
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We Value

As an organization, we are serving leaders who are rooted in our organizational identity, driven by our shared purpose and guided by our shared values.


Our actions and interactions are guided by unconditional love. We hold the bar high and then support our serving leaders to achieve fullest potential.  Love is: 

  • Nurturing
  • Compassionate
  • Forgiving


We lead with relentless pursuit of full potential. We build on the strong work of those before us and leave a trail for others. Leading is: 

  • Falling forward
  • Testing limits
  • Breaking new ground
  • Serving others
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We balance the urgency of our work with laughter, the emotional expression of joy rooted in certain hope. We find satisfaction in completing good work for Greater Purpose. Laughing is: 

  • Celebrating progress
  • Working with gratitude
  • Finding joy in the journey; the journey is the destination


We learn by approaching every situation with humility, striving to grow with each experience. Learning is:

  • Continuously improving
  • Lifelong
  • Limitless


We strive to build sustainable models for our serving leaders and our organization. Lasting is: 

  • Embracing timeless purpose
  • Adopt strategies to stay relevant
  • Growing relationships
  • Earning trust
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