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What Sets Compass Apart?


“Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” -Philippians 1:27

At Compass Educational Programs, each child’s journey unfolds daily. Children are introduced to the unconditional love of Jesus and His work as their Savior, which guides all interactions. Our staff and students grow together in their faith, become strong in spirit and character, and mature in their knowledge of Christ as Lord and Savior. At Compass Educational Programs we aspire to live out our faith in ways that honor and please God.

Our goal is to provide our students with a solid foundation of support in spiritual, emotional & social, intellectual, and physical development. Our students excel on a path toward a self-sufficient, service-driven life as inspirations to their families and communities. Our programs form character and inspire growth in students’ knowledge and skills.  

At Compass, children receive support and direction in four key areas:


Children learn about the unconditional love of God.

Emotional & Social

Children create relationships, learn to interact positively, and express emotion with words.


Children increase their understanding of the world through academically focused exploration.


Children grow their strength and coordination while enjoying physical activity and kinesthetic learning.


Two children looking at one another across a table
Teacher and student working together
girl looking for something on bookshelf

Compass Educational Programs serve families in Arizona who are seeking strong academic, faith, and character formation opportunities, transcending financial, public policy, time, and geographic constraints. 

Research shows a pent-up demand across all income levels for schools that deliver the full educational package. This demand can be seen by looking at the impact of Arizona's educational policy shifts, which reflect our families in Arizona desire a full and lasting education for their children. Families yearn for a loving, nurturing environment that provides character formation, while at the same time, delivering strong academic achievement and Christian learning. Our experience over the past decade has shown that when children are provided access to high-quality full and lasting educational options, where they are loved and the bar is raised without excuse or exception, all children can accomplish anything they set out to do with hard work. There are no limits.